Post #6: Revising Organizational Messages

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         The website I will be revising is the Facebook page for The Bridge Children’s Academy. This organization contains two preschool and daycare locations in Powhatan, Virginia.                   Ideally, the organization should have their own website, in addition to their Facebook page. That aside, the currant page clearly shows the logo of the organization, an appealing image of children at the center, and a easily accessible section dedicated to reviews, hours, and the address. This allows audiences to make informed decisions. However, the website lacks information on what programs are available, how to sign children up for the programs, and how much each program costs which prevents visitors from having all of their answers met. This reveals that the intended audience is an enabling audience. They Facebook page mostly gives currant families information instead of attempting to persuading newcomers to join the organization.
       Farther down the page there are updates concerning currant participants of the facility. It seems the speaker is an administrative staff member of the organization because they are interactive with the children (they post many images with the children) but they also know information concerning dates of events.
       Ideas and values of the organization are respect for employees as there is a post that admires the work ethic of their workers. Also, they value the fun for children as an image of a child making applesauce is captioned “Our three year old room at our New Dorset location had so much fun making applesauce today!” (Facebook). Because it is posted on a public site all audiences are welcome to comment and like the posts.
      To improve The Bridge Children’s Academy’s rhetoric, I would build them a website that clearly states their mission statement and gives a brief background on their history and their directors. I would also give detailed information about the programs offered for each age group and how much each program costs. I would place a calendar on the website that informs parents and newcomers what events are coming up, what time they are at, and if they need to bring anything. This would prevent confusion and be easily accessible for audiences.