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Post #2: Idea Proposal

Due by 4:00 p.m. on September 10th
As stated in our assignment guidelines, your task for the Analysis of Organizational Rhetoric paper is as follows: perform an evaluative and critical analysis of an organization’s rhetoric (the messages it uses to create and maintain power), and report on your analysis in an 8-page conference paper (double-spaced, using MLA citation format).

For this posting, you will propose an idea for your Analysis of Organizational Rhetoric paper. For now, the idea should include information on the organization of your selection (namely, its rhetorical situation).

The rhetorical situation involves the speaker, message, audience, purpose, and the context.

  1. Which organization’s rhetoric will you analyze? What is your exigence for choosing this organization–why are you choosing to write on this organization?
  2. Who are the audiences of this organization’s rhetoric?
  3. How would understanding this organization’s rhetoric benefit us?
  4. Do you already have preliminary observations about the organization’s messages? What are the messages you can currently see the organization communicating? You can just give a few examples at this stage–you will do a more in-depth analysis in your paper.
  5. What is the context surrounding the organization of your choosing? This is open to your interpretation. You can think about the scene in which this organization operates (the country, the industry, etc) and include some general information about what that is, what that means for the organization, etc.

If you need more guidance thinking about what you will do, remember to review Chapter 5 in our textbook as soon as possible. The chapter explains the method of criticism you should use to analyze your selected organization’s rhetoric and includes two worksheets to help you during the analysis process. You may start answering prompts in those worksheets and post related portions in response to this posting on your blog.

As usual, feel free to contact me to run by your ideas or relate your questions/concerns.

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