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Post #6: Revising Organizational Messages

Due by 4:00 p.m. on October 10th
Choose an organization (a business or a social initiative organization).
Case Study: You have been appointed as the marketing coordinator of your selected organization, and you would like to improve your organization’s rhetoric for a better marketing of the organization’s ideas, products, or services. In other words, choose an organization whose messages you would like to revise.
Respond to the following prompts with the organization’s official website in mind:
1) First, perform a short analysis of the website. Is the information presented in a way that allows audiences to make informed decisions? What is left unsaid in the rhetoric? What information is omitted, and what topics are not addressed? Who is speaking? Which groups’ interests are revealed? Which are concealed? Are the ideas or values of a few power parties presented as the ideas or values of the whole? Does the discourse invite participation from all interested parties?
2) What would you do to improve this site’s rhetoric? You can make general comments about what to include in or exclude from the website, how to revise it, etc? You may also provide some specific examples (how can certain content be rephrased, redesigned, etc)?

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