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Post #9: Risk Rhetoric

Due by 4:00 p.m. on October 30th

As usual, respond to the following questions with the website (or social media page) of your selected organization in mind. If you are doing the alternative project option where you are developing a website for an organization which doesn’t have one, select a model website for this posting. Include in your posting a link to the website and, if possible, embed at least one image (screenshots, etc) from it. If the website has an abundance of content, at this stage you may choose to focus only on the homepage or another page to answer these prompts. You can answer each in a few statements; you don’t have to write your entire review of the website yet. However, feel free to write as much as you can, since you can use this content in your Organizational Client Project (formal report) later.

1) Based on your reading on risk rhetoric and previous analysis of the organization’s rhetorical situation, are any of the constraints most common to risk rhetoric present in this situation?
2) What risk perception frames do people in the audiences appear to have?
3) Are there strategies in the rhetoric that seem to account for those frames?
4) Are there strategies in the rhetoric that seem designed to enhance the organization’s credibility? That appeal to emotion? That appeal to values? That use claims and evidence?
5) How does the organization portray self as qualified or authorized to speak about a particular risk topic?
6) Does the rhetoric invite or limit participation in the risk assessment process? If so, which rhetorical strategies accomplish the invitation or limitation?
7) Does the organization present information in ways that allow audiences to make fully informed choices about whether a risk situation is likely to occur and what the consequences of that occurrence might be?

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