Preliminary Fieldwork Experiences

Parks and Recreation Hours

Chesterfield Parks and Recreation-Chesterfield, Virginia (Summer 2019)

In this setting I worked with adults eighteen years and older.  Many of these clients either had intellectual or physical disabilities.  During my time we would begin the mornings with socialization and interaction activities including board games and craft projects.  We also went on an outing to a local botanical garden.  One important thing that I learned about myself is that because I made connections so quickly with the clients it made it harder to leave.

Community Setting Hours

Centra Pace-Farmville, Virginia (Fall 2019)

This is an adult day care program.  I enjoyed working with this clientele because I am familiar with this age group with my current job.  I actually saw residents that had moved back home that I had worked with previously at my current job.  It was so nice to see them and see the improvements they had made.  Some of the days that I helped at this location I felt that the pace was slower than I am used to; I kept asking to help, however many things I was not able to do since I was not an employee at the facility.  I also helped with the Fall Festival which was a lot more fun because it was faster paced.  I helped with the game ‘Plinko’, which allowed me to explain to the clients that the game was a way to help with their range of motion and reaching capabilities.

The Virginia Home-Richmond, Virginia (Fall 2019)

I completed three hours here with my class.  This setting is for those with physical disabilities.  I was nervous when arriving because I had never worked with this population before, however when leaving I felt rewarded in the fact that I was able to help them throughout their day.  There were many different activities put on by the Longwood Junior and Senior students.  There were a few games that allowed me to be creative and think on my feet along with the other students facilitating.  I learned that sometimes it takes the entire building to work together to help with special events that are at the location.  There were nurses, aides, therapists, and many others that I saw helping each of the participants.

Non-CTRS Hours

Heritage Hall-Blackstone, Virginia (Summer 2019)

This setting was a rehabilitation/nursing home.  I have worked at this location for the past two years as a Certified Nurse’s Aide.  This allowed me to already have an idea of activities that the residents enjoyed and what they do not like to do.  I helped the Activities Director by transporting residents to and from activities, as well as helping to pass out the residents’ mail, as this is part of the Activity Department’s role.  Helping out those two days allowed me to get to enjoy the resident’s company in a different way than I am normally able to as a Nurse’s Aide.

Lab Hours

Longwood University-Farmville, Virginia ( Fall 2019-Spring 2020)

On Friday afternoons, both semesters therapeutic recreation students were offered lab hours through the university.  During this time there were two schools from surrounding counties that came to the school for an hour each.  The ages ranged from elementary to middle school age.  This helped me to get ideas for future interventions that I would facilitate as well as learn how to interact with the younger ages as I have not had as much experience with this population.  I enjoyed seeing the progress the kids made each week.  I also learned that I enjoy working with the elementary age, however middle school age is more difficult for me to relate to or reach.

Rehabilitation Hours

McGuire VA Hospital-Richmond, Virginia (Spring 2020)

Over a two day period I completed a total of ten hours at this facility.  This agency works with military personnel, whether they are still active duty or they are a veteran.  I learned much about myself while volunteering in this setting.  I was reminded of the admiration I have for these wonderful individuals and just how many trials and tribulations they go through daily.  I found immense joy in watching them do the activities and art-forms that they enjoy doing during the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival.  While on an outing I realized how important observations are whether subjective or objective.