Sophomore Year

Staff Treatment Plan

In Recreation 250, me and my partner had to create a staff treatment plan.  This staff treatment plan was formulated after talking with the staff member of Longwood University on what they felt like they wanted to work on and after getting some general information about their leisure interests.  Tiffany Dempsey, our staff member, felt as though she had to take care of her daughter, the home, and also help with her mother and grandmother.  Me and my partner for this assignment helped Ms. Dempsey to find a leisure interest of hers so that she could have some time to herself in the evenings.  We set out a scheduled plan of how much Tiffany would try and get done each week of the wreath so that she would not be too overwhelmed.  Overall this assignment helped me to meet someone new, learn about leisure interests and how to best educate my clients, and also how to properly document a treatment plan.