Hello. My name is Samantha Matthews, however I prefer to be addressed as Sam.  I am a third year student at Longwood University and a first year student in the Therapeutic Recreation program.  I will graduate May of 2022 and then take my certification to become a Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist.  I first learned about Therapeutic Recreation when deciding to change my major from Nursing.  I have always loved helping others and want to be able to do that in my everyday life.  Now I feel as though I do not have to change the world, however I can have the ability to change one person’s world or their perception of their world.  I have worked as a Certified Nurse’s Aide at Heritage Hall for the last two years and enjoy getting to learn about my residents and the connections that I am able to make on a day to day basis.  By helping others it helps me because it gives me a sense of purpose.  I hope you enjoy my page, please feel free to browse through the various pages to learn more about me!

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