Honors Business Ethics

This course taught me a lot about being responsible for my actions as well as taking responsibility for wrong doing. I will definitely be taking what I learned an applying to my future job after Graduation. What I learned most was how to make proper decisions regarding right and wrong actions.

Honors Classes Reflection (’19-’20)

This class taught me to harness my known knowledge of public speaking and combine it with new information to become a better student. This course showed me how to capture an audience’s attention, properly address a call to action, and adjust to my audience’s needs. I spoke about many topics from an informative speech on how to ski to giving a persuasive speech about Golden Retrievers! I learned a lot about myself from this class and conquered the “fear” of public speaking.

My Environmental Science Class challenged me in ways I had never been challenged before. I have never taken a class similar to this; it was broken up into one class with two separate labs for those in honors and the other section for those not enrolled in honors. I was able to learn about the Earth’s environmental services while also working in groups like I have never had to do before. Although tough, it has definitely prepared me for future endeavors.

Reflection of Civitae Courses

Civitae brought a new an interesting perspective into my life in the classroom. Personally, I believe I have grown tremendously in the classroom due to these courses, as well as the honors courses, because of the different approach the professors take within the classroom. I am extremely grateful for coming to Longwood and experiencing the new, intriguing courses that taught me how to deal with difficult situations, time management, and how to tolerate classes that I don’t particularly love. Civitae has made me a well-rounded student and I am extremely prepared for my upcoming years as a Lancer.

Letter to Senior Self

Dear Senior Self,

I hope that you have maintained your grades throughout college! I am so excited for the future and I am busting my butt and paying a lot of money in order to prosper in the future. I hope your first job out of school is enjoyable, but any job will do! I hope college was everything you had hoped for, and that you’re ready to see what else life has to offer. My goals for later include getting a job directly out of school and being involved in my community through work and school. Good luck in the real world.

Xoxo, yourself