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Moving back in with your parents after graduating from college With the millennials of the 19th century, the digital natives have a lot in common, where both the generations are marked by uncertain economic times, older marriages and jobhopping. Another way the millennials such as the young generation under the age group of 1834 years who are moving back with their parents after college https://www.vice.com/en us/article/wjb4zb/college graduatesmovehome. As per research, it has been found that the young adults are staying at home with their parents in the same way the individuals were living during the 1880s. In today’s context, approximately 32% of young adults who have graduated from college are living with their parents. 

There possess various benefits of living with parents such as student’s loan debt, homeownership, support system, searching for a job and building good saving habits and credit. All these factors prove to be beneficial for young adults 

https://www.moneycrashers.com/moving-back-home parents/. Along with the benefits, there also possess various disadvantages of living with parents like high restrictions, no privacy, adjusting with the environment and following the rules and norms. 

For the past few years, the young adults who have graduated from their college had roommates with whom they have enjoyed a lot. After coming home back, they may also view their parents as their roommates with whom they can enjoy and share all their feelings and thoughts https://notesfromjoana.com/lessonslearnedmovingbackparents/. It is significant for an individual to maintain a good and positive relationship with their parents

Financial benefits Most of the student graduates deal with students debt and loan, where finding a job even gets difficult. Such a financial crisis could be overcome by young adults by living with their parents. Moving back home helps them to save money along with utilities and rent as well as expenses. All these aspects help the student to pay the money that is required to pay their student loan that in turn, help them to save their money https://www.thoughtco.com/tipsfor-moving-backinwith yourparentsaftercollege793504. Moreover, during difficult times, the parents provide not only financial advice but also financial help to cope with the complex situation

Stability of Home 

Being a young adult and a recent graduate can be overwhelming and distressing. However, by being surrounded by the parents and stability of home may help an individual to overcome with some of the stress that occurs in their life. The family may provide a sense of stability such as encouragement, guidance and support. Living with parents enables an individual to create and maintain a routine to accomplish the task on time. Moreover, the parents always act as a good and strong support system at the time of transition. All these characteristics help young adults to strengthen their relationship with their parents and learn new and valuable things from them

The video below is based on the discussion of when to move back home. This video provides an understanding of the benefits of moving back home


Personal opinion According to my opinion living with parents after graduating from college is beneficial in different ways. I believe that moving back home helps an individual to re-establish a relationship with their parents and reconnect with them that helps in changing the home dynamics (Houle & Warner, 2017). It also helps in understanding the expectations of their parents and handle the responsibilities with care. As per my understanding, it is essential for an individual to talk and discuss with their parents regarding their needs and wants. I also believe that moving with parents is a good financial decision that helps in coping with critical financial circumstances. As per my opinion living with parents strengthens a parent-child relationship that enhances social ties and helps in dealing with lifestyles, learning household keeping habits and handle different situations. Thus, it is essential to make an effective plan before moving back home that will help leading a comfortable and happy life. 


The blog demonstrated an understanding of the topic Moving back with parents after graduating from college. It discussed the advantages as well as the disadvantages of living with parents. Moreover, it can be seen that living with parents helps a young adult with a difficult situation and accomplish their goals in life


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