Starting a whole new journey-Marriage


Starting a whole new journey-Marriage

Romantic relationship

It is common that after getting an education and having a good job, people start thinking about life ahead. The next thing that comes in the majority people’s mind is to get married and start a family. Then, living with your spouse and raising your children starts a whole new journey of one’s life. I was interested in a person during my college days to whom I was committed. Though the feeling between us was pure and mutual, still, we decided first to settle down our lives separately and think about ourselves. This decision was right at that time. We know each other for more than four years, and during this time, we had experienced both good and bad times. We also had experienced the excitement phase of love in which we shared strong feelings and emotions, and it became difficult for us to control ourselves. However, we both belong to families with high moral and ethical values who respect these boundaries; therefore; we decided to keep distant until we sort out things. Though we have different personalities and preferences which gave rise to conflicts, still we shared romantic attraction due to which despite many negative incidences, we never broke up. That is what I called the beauty of our relationship.


Soon after we graduated, we went to our home towns and started our respective jobs. We entered into a whole new race, and it became difficult for us to remain in contact, but still, we managed to stay in contact. Our parents new about us and so after making adjustments with our job, our parents engaged us. After about a year, finally, the time reached when got married. The marriage was attended by our close family members and friends. Marriage is such a special occasion, and so it was for us. Getting married to a person who you know for many years and shares a romantic relationship is a blessing to you. Love makes a positive change in your personality and marriage changes your personality as well as life. We have started a whole new journey. It was like love is in the air. The newly married couples enjoy this honeymoon period and explored each other in a whole new way. Couples not only share a romantic bond but also explores sexual compatibility.


Change in personality

Marriage is not that simple as it seems to be. Knowing each other or sharing a romantic bond with the person is a different thing, and living with that person is a different thing. The couple is not sharing their lives, but their families, house, and other stuff that is not a piece of cake. Many things come in between. We made some simple rules in our lives that whenever the problem comes and whatever is it, we will never hide anything from each other. We will discuss it to sort it out. It will strengthen the bond of trust between us. Marriage does bring change in one’s personality. Things that one used to consider just from own perspective, now think for both beings. Each partner is concerned about the other person’s comfort zone. I, too, have witnessed this change in me and my husband. The big five traits consisting of openness, extraversion, conscientiousness, agreeableness, and neuroticism were somewhat changed not only in me but min my husband also. If one of us is spot exposed to or comfortable in one thing that he will at least try for the other person. Such activities increase the exposure of couple and increase their acceptance of new changes that improve the interpersonal functioning. Also, having a supporting and loving partner, once the level of agreeableness also increases and the level of neuroticism decreases that predicts the happiness and long-term stability of a relationship.


Another major and good change in a married couple’s life is becoming parents. Though every person has his own experience and feelings which might get differ from the other. For some mothers and fathers, it was a positive experience while some are confused and irritated about what to feel and what to not. They are unable to handle the new change that had come into their life during pregnancy and after the birth of the child. However, for us, it was a priceless moment. I know this would sound cheesy, but Harry and I already decided the names of our kids even before our marriage. Luckily, we had twins, a girl, and a boy. Having little souls in our hands and feeling them was a whole new experience for us. Now, Harry and I are at a stage where we no longer think about ourselves, but we think about the lives of our kids and how could we make it better for them.


The blog demonstrated the understanding of romantic relationships and the journey that starts after marriage. There are different things that one has to experience in marriage, which sometimes becomes difficult to handle, but if there is a loving and caring spouse, then things become far better to handle. Also, stepping into a new stage of marriage becomes an easy process. The blog discusses the different feelings of individuals after becoming parents, which is good for some and irritable and confusing for some.


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Welcome to your new roommates

Moving back in with your parents after graduating from college With the millennials of the 19th century, the digital natives have a lot in common, where both the generations are marked by uncertain economic times, older marriages and jobhopping. Another way the millennials such as the young generation under the age group of 1834 years who are moving back with their parents after college us/article/wjb4zb/college graduatesmovehome. As per research, it has been found that the young adults are staying at home with their parents in the same way the individuals were living during the 1880s. In today’s context, approximately 32% of young adults who have graduated from college are living with their parents. 

There possess various benefits of living with parents such as student’s loan debt, homeownership, support system, searching for a job and building good saving habits and credit. All these factors prove to be beneficial for young adults parents/. Along with the benefits, there also possess various disadvantages of living with parents like high restrictions, no privacy, adjusting with the environment and following the rules and norms. 

For the past few years, the young adults who have graduated from their college had roommates with whom they have enjoyed a lot. After coming home back, they may also view their parents as their roommates with whom they can enjoy and share all their feelings and thoughts It is significant for an individual to maintain a good and positive relationship with their parents

Financial benefits Most of the student graduates deal with students debt and loan, where finding a job even gets difficult. Such a financial crisis could be overcome by young adults by living with their parents. Moving back home helps them to save money along with utilities and rent as well as expenses. All these aspects help the student to pay the money that is required to pay their student loan that in turn, help them to save their money yourparentsaftercollege793504. Moreover, during difficult times, the parents provide not only financial advice but also financial help to cope with the complex situation

Stability of Home 

Being a young adult and a recent graduate can be overwhelming and distressing. However, by being surrounded by the parents and stability of home may help an individual to overcome with some of the stress that occurs in their life. The family may provide a sense of stability such as encouragement, guidance and support. Living with parents enables an individual to create and maintain a routine to accomplish the task on time. Moreover, the parents always act as a good and strong support system at the time of transition. All these characteristics help young adults to strengthen their relationship with their parents and learn new and valuable things from them

The video below is based on the discussion of when to move back home. This video provides an understanding of the benefits of moving back home 

Personal opinion According to my opinion living with parents after graduating from college is beneficial in different ways. I believe that moving back home helps an individual to re-establish a relationship with their parents and reconnect with them that helps in changing the home dynamics (Houle & Warner, 2017). It also helps in understanding the expectations of their parents and handle the responsibilities with care. As per my understanding, it is essential for an individual to talk and discuss with their parents regarding their needs and wants. I also believe that moving with parents is a good financial decision that helps in coping with critical financial circumstances. As per my opinion living with parents strengthens a parent-child relationship that enhances social ties and helps in dealing with lifestyles, learning household keeping habits and handle different situations. Thus, it is essential to make an effective plan before moving back home that will help leading a comfortable and happy life. 


The blog demonstrated an understanding of the topic Moving back with parents after graduating from college. It discussed the advantages as well as the disadvantages of living with parents. Moreover, it can be seen that living with parents helps a young adult with a difficult situation and accomplish their goals in life


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The Balance

The Balance

While in college, every student aspires to finish school and get a job to attain good money. However, after graduating and getting a job, there is the sad realization that even though income is steady and favorable, there is limited time to enjoy the cash. Many individuals are faced with the predicament of balancing their lives and jobs in a manner that would result in complete contentment. For instance, studies show that around ninety-four percent of individuals work more than fifty hours per week, from morning to evening, making it hard to have personal spare time (Lee, 2014). Additionally, research conveys that people still tend to engage in professional staff after working hours like checking emails (Shanafelt et al., 2915). Such situations reduce the quality of life by making it all about work. There is an imperative need to balance work and personal life in order to make life more enjoyable. Various activities should be conducted after landing a full-time job after college to attain the needed balance like being goal-oriented, having a social life, and ascertaining all facets of life are effectively catered to, which would result in ineffectual time management.

The best way to find a work-life balance is to maximize any free time from work with productive and fun activities. To achieve such, it is important to the first plan and be disciplined to the set plan. In essence, utilizing free time like weekends and after work hours without a plan, just like the phrase goes, leads to failure (Starmer, Frintner, & Freed, 2016). After college, there is less going on in one’s life without a proactive approach. In many instances, people find themselves indoors at all free time maybe watching, which brews a failure with no social life. To avoid such, instigating a schedule that caters to all facets is paramount. For instance, plans to meet with friends and family should be made over the weekend. Additionally, incorporation of other activities like house chores, shopping, and other essentials should be incorporated in the daily routine. Personal activities like watching, the occasional visit to the spa, and other hobbies should be assimilated in one’s schedule.

Another way to balance work and personal life is capitalizing on technology (Fleck, Cox, & Robison, 2015). Currently, the internet has revolutionized the world and made every aspect of life easier. For instance, the internet is an effective way to meet friends and keep in touch with old ones through platforms like social media. Some of the time should be spent on the internet but not too much to ascertain that it does not breed negative impacts. Additionally, virtual working is also another merit presented by contemporary technology. If the type of employment one is it allows for working from home via the internet, the element can be used to free up more time. The extra time created can be utilized by cultivating a social life through activities like joining a book club, a hiking club, or any other organization of interest. Time should also be invested in bonding with coworkers, both at work and outside employment grounds. The process allows for the cultivation of productive relationships with colleagues, which makes work and life more satisfactory.

To ensure that time is effectively managed, there is the necessity to prioritize and set boundaries (Morris, 2019). That is, first, it is important to identify the most important things to engage in, and the duration each activity should be allocated. Boundaries should also be created to ascertain the elimination of overindulgence in one event, which affects a healthy balance (Karkoulian, Srour, & Sinan, 2016). For instance, work hours set should be adhered to. If the time for getting off work is five in the evening, an individual should make sure that they do so unless in an avoidable circumstance. Flexibility and scheduling in the workplace should be communicated with employers to avoid any complications.

In conclusion, after finishing college and attaining a full-time job, I plan on achieving a healthy work-life balance. Such is achieved by spending my time effectively and ascertaining that all activities I engage in result in an all-rounded life. In free times, personal hobbies will be assimilated in my schedules, such as going on adventures and finding time to interact with family and friends. The process would ensure that while earning money, I also get to have an enjoyable life.




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