This is my Everyday

This is my Everyday

I completed my bachelor degree in the spring of 2014. After completing my graduation, I thought that life would be so easy now. I was relaxed as I have completed my bachelor degree in education. I thought that I should enjoy my life now as I was thinking about never doing the homework and classwork again. 

The realization dawned upon me that it is high time to become serious about my future and career. It took some time to realize that settlement is the most necessary thing to live a healthy life (Blake et al., 2017). But the starting was not so easy as I didn’t have focused on my future for a long time. In the meantime, one of my friends got selected in an Airlines company and suddenly I realized that I had wasted some of my valuable time. I got myself back into reality and started to follow the newspapers for vacancies. I became too serious to find a suitable job for me. I was so desperate to get a job that I started to visit online websites and also uploaded my CV in several websites. I tried my best to find a suitable job for me. It became my bull’s eye to be independent so I started to give interviews. Every day was a new hope for me as I was trying my heart and soul. 

Finally, after 3 months of completing my graduation, I got an interview call from a reputed company. I prepared myself for the interview by having a daily basis conversation with myself. The interview date came and I got ready for the interview. At first, I was very nervous as the atmosphere of the company was too professional. The interviewer asked me for my CV and he asked me some questions related to my college life. I gained some confidence to answer all the questions that were asked. Slowly I got comfortable and started to talk with the interviewer in an easy manner. He comforted me with his behavior and assured me by having a normal conversation. The interview went well and I was told that I would receive an email if I got selected. Thereafter, I attended two interviews but somewhere I was expecting an email from the previously mentioned company. I received a call of selection in the company. I was so happy as I really wanted to see myself in a well-established position.


Figure 3: Talking with Interviewer

Source: (Georgevich, 2019)

 I started following some YouTube videos for having some ideas on corporate ethics and what should be a code of conduct for a new employee. The joining date came and I got prepared for my new journey. I dressed in a well-ironed formal dress and reached the office on time. I was a little nervous as I was about to meet a lot of new people in a professional corporation area. I was very concerned about my ethics and behavior as I am starting my life in a professional zone. Slowly, I started learning how to work with confidence and professionalism. My boss helped me a lot to learn everything and I got the full support of my colleagues. In a few days, I became a family member of my office and every day was like a new start of my life. I started learning a lot of new things from my day-to-day life and moreover, I started gaining experiences.

It has been almost 1 year from my joining date in this company and now I m a full-time employee. I learned a lot of new things and experienced many ups and downs in my career but I never gave up. When I look back at my past, I could see how immature I used to be. This office has changed my life as now I can make a decision with a calm mind and confidence. I got promoted last month for my service but still, I believe that every day is a new opportunity for learning. I used to listen to my seniors and observe them how they developed their position. I followed the same and my career shows me the benefits of following them. The experiences will help me till the last day of my office. This blog depicts my journey from life after graduation to the life of a corporate employee that will definitely guide someone to gain confidence in their life stories. Always remember, it’s never too late to start again.

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