Survey Design

Discuss best practices for survey research.
Choosing appropriate questions forms as open-ended questions and closed-ended
questions. Each question should be clear, avoid double-barreled questions, respondents must be competent to answer, and respondents must be willing to answer the questions. Also, the questions should be short, relevant, and avoid negative and biased items. There should be no more than one question per line which should follow a consistent format.

Restate your research question
– How does the child’s race affect family involvement?
What survey question will you use to operationalize your dependent variable?
– Parent involvement
– On a scale of 0-10 how much did you help your child with the activity? (0 did
not help at all, and 10 did the activity for them/ involved a lot)
What survey question will you use to operationalize your independent variable?
– Race
– What is the child’s ethnicity?

Using information from class, explain why these are good/well-written questions.
They are well-written because they are straight-to-the-point questions and they are not
confusing. It avoids double-barreled questions and it is just one answer to each question.