Table 2. 

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) of child engagement by household type.

Child’s RaceMean Engagement F-value
  White 8.167 6.53
  African American 8.2
  Multiracial 6

Note: p<.05*, p<.01**, p<.001***

The dependent variable for this ANOVA was the engagement of the child. This was asked on a 0-10 scale. The independent variable for this ANOVA was the child’s race. Respondents chose either, “Latino/Hispanic”, “White”, “African American”, “Asian”, “Pacific Islander”, “Native American”, “Middle Eastern”, “Multiracial” or “Other”. The responses that were recorded were “White”, “African American”, and “Multiracial”. The mean engagement for White children was 8.167. The mean engagement for African American children was 8.2. The mean engagement for Multiracial children was 6. According to the ANOVA results (F = 6.53), there is no significant difference between these means. Therefore, race does not influence child engagement.