Journal 1

          For my 2018 summer internship, I will be working at WBTJ 106.5 The BEAT, a hip-hop/R&B radio station located in Richmond, Virginia. Throughout my time working at the radio station, I will intern with some of the radio personalities that work there, learning the basics of what it takes to be a radio entertainer. As an intern, one of my main responsibilities will be to come in everyday and search for a few stories within the entertainment industry and a few local stories that can be discussed on air by the entertainers. I will also be personally speaking on air some days about the stories I find. One of my other duties will be to learn about all of the equipment and systems used within the station (they will all be taught to me throughout my time there).

          One of the most important parts of being a radio entertainer is being able to speak on air. Public speaking has never been one of my strong suits. When I took my public speaking class as a freshman, it was one of the most stressful classes I have ever completed because I am a shy person. Since I’ve been at the radio station, I have spoken on air already, which was a very nerve wracking experience, but it is definitely a skill that I hope to improve during the course of this internship. I strongly believe that working with the staff at the station, since they all have such outgoing personalities, will definitely help me gain the confidence I need in order to speak on air without feeling nervous. They have already discussed with me to feel free to ask questions whenever I have them because they are more than happy to help me learn everything I need to know. As I work with the different team members, I plan to ask them what their best advice is for someone like me who is nervous in front of a microphone, which will also help me improve my skills as an intern.

               Another skill that I hope to improve on is multitasking. I take pride in my multitasking abilities, but working at the radio station requires a whole different level of multitasking, While on air, the entertainers have to record and piece together commercials, cue up music, all while still keeping their composure on air. I hope that learning how to complete all these tasks simultaneously will allow me to improve my multitasking abilities, which in return will improve my qualities as a worker no matter what part of the entertainment industry I decide to continue my career.