conferenceThis was my second year attending the VCA annual convention, and I loved it just as much if not more! The amount of information and professional skill building you receive by attending conferences are so invaluable. Particularly, I enjoyed the keynote speaker, James Lloyd. James touched on the importance of being an individual who enters a room and says “There you are!” rather than “Here I am!” This concept is so critical to not only the field of counseling but just to society as a whole. Additionally, James talked about how we can constantly advocate for ourselves as counselors, but also in believing in ourselves. For example, when creating a new password for a website or online account, we should try making it an affirmation about ourselves such as “I can do anything”. This way, we are exposed to this every day and are reminded of it constantly. Connecting with professionals in the field is a fantastic way to network as well as to encourage my growth in the profession. Connecting with Longwood alumni was a great bonus, as well as connecting with other graduate students studying at other Virginia graduate schools. I’m grateful for the opportunity to grow professionally and personally at the VCA conference!