I was so excited to attend my second VAASL conference.  My first session was with the author April Henry.  Her presentation was excellent, and I was able to take away the information about her writing and resources she would use with students.  I am going to have my student enter into the contest for mystery writing on her website.  At the end of the session, I was able to meet April Henry.  Her quote, “You can edit bad stuff, but you can’t edit nothing” resonated with me because I currently teach a writing class.

My next session was Keva Planks.  I love Keva Planks.  The presenter was awesome and shared that on the Keva Planks website there are ideas for using the planks in any classroom.  The activity I liked the most was creating an “image” that represents a book and explaining how it does.

I also attended the sessions on collaborating with secondary math teachers and graphic novels in the classroom and library.  Overall, these two sessions also provided me with resources to use in my future library.

In the future, I plan on attending all the days of the conference.