My profession is lucky enough to have a state conference, VAHPERD, every year. This conference brings PE and Health professionals from far and wide to share their ideas and new stuff with anyone who wants to hear what they got to say. I’ve attended this conference once before two years ago. In 2012, I traveled with my whole undergrad group, but this year I traveled with my grad program! Although, our group was much smaller we still managed to have a blast! The conference started off with a Longwood Meet and Greet with current students and alumni of our wonderful university. I was able to see two people from my undergrad group who are out in the real world with their teaching jobs. It was great seeing them and hearing about their experiences during their first year of teaching. Later that evening, myself and two other Longwood PHETE people attended a glow in the dark night. We were given the opportunity to play all sorts of games, such as corn hole, kan jam, slam ball, and ladder ball. What made this event even better was that it was in complete darkness and everything was covered in glow sticks. This was a great and fun way to start off the conference weekend. My most memorable experience of this year’s conference was a session that I attended that was all about hula hooping. Now, you’re probably thinking hula hooping is no big deal or I could do it in my sleep. It was actually quite the opposite. The presenters were doing things with hula hoops that I have never seen before and they showed us how to make hula hooping fun for all ages! The energy during their presentation was infectious; it just made you want to get up, participate, and laugh while doing so. I’m extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to attend VAHPERD this year. I look forward to attending VAHPERD in years to come as a LONGWOOD ALUMNI!!