CGPS Marketing & Recruitment Graduate Assistant

Standard (300 hours/semester), Fall 2024 & Spring 2025

The Marketing & Recruitment Graduate Assistant for the College of Graduate and Professional Studies will:

  • Work with the CGPS Marketing team to increase enrollment in graduate programs and professional studies initiatives.
  • Help expand our social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, & Youtube) by creating and scheduling content on each platform.
  • Gather content and create posts to spotlight graduate and professional studies students, staff, faculty, and alumni on social media.
  • Help maintain presence of tangible marketing materials on-campus by assisting with printing orders made through CGPS Marketing team.
  • Assist with graduate fairs and recruitment events.

The position requires the GA to work in-person in the Graduate College office on a regular schedule.

Questions can be directed to Ms. Jamie Eacho,

Standard (300 hours/semester; $3,000 in tuition coverage and a $4,500 stipend)
Academic Assistant Position 
College of Graduate & Professional Studies 
Funding Source:  CGPS

Status: Closed

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