Center For Cyber Security Graduate Assistant

Standard (300 hours/semester), Fall 2024 & Spring 2025

This GA will provide administrative support for the Center for Cyber Security. The GA will help plan and execute events such as Cyber Summits, cybersecurity competitions (both online and in-person), engage with external stakeholders such as local high schools to plan recruiting events and other community outreach events. The GA can also help to track internship and job opportunities for students in both ISCS and CS, and disseminate those opportunities to the appropriate students.

Questions can be directed to Dr. Darrell Carpenter;

Standard (300 hours/semester; $3,000 in tuition coverage and a $4,500 stipend)
Academic Assistant Position 
College of Business & Economics – Center for Cyber Security 
Funding Source:  CGPS + CCS

Status: Closed

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