Brock Experiences for Transformative Learning GA

The Graduate Assistant will help the office of Brock Experiences for Transformative learning by completing these and other duties: 1. Supervise the undergraduate student employee team tasked with advertising and recruiting students to participate in a Brock Experience 2. In conjunction with the Director, plan and execute workshops for faculty considering applying for a Brock Fellowship and for current Brock faculty in need of professional development 3. Academically advise students on the integration of Brock Experiences into their course progression Other specific tasks that would support the GA’s academic pursuits may be possible.

Questions can be directed to Mr. Josh Blakely,

Standard (300 hours/semester; $3,000 in tuition coverage and a $4,500 stipend)
Academic/Research Assistant Position
Brock Experiences for Transformative Learning
Funding Source: Grant
Status:  Closed

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