Longwood LIFE Assistant

Full-Time: Fall 2021 & Spring 2022
Non-Standard, Full-Time: Summer 2022

Longwood LIFE is a Wed/Friday program (7:30-5:00) for students in Region 8 Schools ages 18-25 with intellectual disabilities who desire a college experience leading to greater independence in life and work. Students take adapted classes in lifetime activities, fine arts, social skills, healthy relationships, citizenship and social justice, functional reading and math, and daily living skills and vocational skills. The GA would help the program director supervise students during classes, coordinate activities across campus, make accommodations for individual students, attend IEP meetings with schools, facilitate student-taught classes, and work as a liaison between the program and parents and guardians. The GA will participate in job coaching on an on-campus job site along with other special education student job coaches during one of the class days. A few additional hours may be needed around the class days for planning or for attendance with students at a special campus event on occasion. A background in special education and experience with the Longwood LIFE program is preferred.

For full job description, contact Dr. Karen Feathers, featherskh@longwood.edu,  434.395.2837

Please note that this position is funded as a standard full-time position in the Fall & Spring, but changes to a non-standard, full-time position in the Summer. Summer would be stipend ONLY – $3,900 – which covers 300 hours at $13/hr.

College of Graduate and Professional Studies
Funding Source:  CGPS
Status: FILLED

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