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Take control of your digital persona!

You have done a lot of academic work on Longwood Blogs to build your digital persona. Now anyone can Google your name and see the products of your hard work. To continue adding more to your digital record of achievements, consider taking the following steps before you graduate  and before you lose access to your online presence on Longwood Blogs:

Step 1: Migrate your blogs/e-Portfolio sites to a free commercial site,, which shares the same publishing platform with Longwood Blogs (see the example of a recent Longwood graduate, Katie Harris  ).  You can continue modifying and changing your digital persona on site to suit your needs. Interested in learning how to do this? Please check   How do I export my blogs/e-Portfolios from Longwood Blogs?  or ask a Librarian

Step 2: Change the privacy settings on your blogs/e-Portfolios to “private.” This will allow your professors to share your work as examples for future students, but it will also keep your old Longwood Blog sites from coming up in search engines’ results. If you don’t want your work to be used as future examples, you may delete your sites by going to Dashboard, clicking on the Tools tab and selecting the Delete Site sub-tab.

By following the steps above, you will keep your academic work in a web space that you can control while also, helping us teach the next generation of students how to write for the web. Please feel free to ask the Library and your professor questions!

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