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What is Creative Commons?

Let’s discuss Copyright and Creative Commons. Whenever you write something, take a picture, or make a movie, your work automatically gets copyrighted and you assert all the rights for use & distribution of your creative work. This is great but it limits other people’s ability to use, reuse, and build upon your work without asking your permission. Creative Commons is an alternative to this traditional copyright, which allows you to retain your intellectual property rights while releasing some of the rights to increase access and distribution and to facilitate creativity and openness. Still muddy? Please read and watch the following:

  1. Copyright and Creativity explains copyright in a compelling way
  2. ELI’s 7 things you should know about … Creative Commons explains Copyright and Creative Commons
  3. Wanna Work Together? by Creative Commons draws a distinction between Copyright and Creative Commons
  4. Building on the Past by Justin Cone demonstrates how Creative Commons works
  5. Copyright and Creative Commons Explained by Common Craft tells a story about a photographer who uses both Copyright and Creative Commons to achieve her goals.
  6. Jason Jones’  Flickr + Creative Commons shows how to search Flickr for CC-licensed images

To learn how to find Creative Commons licensed images, please click here.

To learn how to upload or embed an image into a post/page, please check here.

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