Letter to Senior Self

To my future self,

Congratulations on being a senior! I have just finished freshman year and it was definitely an experience.  The second half of the semester was cut short due to the Coronavirus pandemic, something that caught everyone off guard.  Online learning was definitely an adjustment and I hope I am able to go back in the fall.  As of now, I am a part of the cheerleading team, Alpha Delta Pi, and Greek Ambassadors! I hope that by the time I am reading this I will be involved in other organizations like SGA, Peer Mentors, and Longwood Ambassadors.  I also hope that I hold some leadership position in ADPi.

Academically, I hope to be on the President’s List again and at least graduate with magna cum laude recognition.  I have a feeling the pandemic will change everything going forward, so I hope that I was able to experience Partnership and my Student Teaching in a regular setting.  If so, was it scary? It’s pretty intimidating right now.  I hope to stay involved within the honors community, continuing to volunteer for Honors events and returning as an Honors Mentor.  Hopefully, I will have enough time to find a regular volunteering position that I can maintain throughout the rest of my time at school.  I think It would be a great addition to my time here at Longwood.  As of now, I am unsure of where I want to study abroad, but when I do choose I hope that I learn something from whichever culture I experience.

Since you’re a senior now, I hope you took advantage of all the opportunities that came your way and maintained a positive outlook on your experiences.  For reflection purposes, what was your greatest accomplishment at Longwood? What are your goals for the future? Are you nervous about entering the workforce?

I look forward to hearing from you!


Your freshman self