Humans are social creatures, meaning we thrive in communities.  They provide us with a safety net to catch us when we make mistakes, support us through both good and bad times, and guide us when we’re lost.  I have always felt the most in my element when I am a part of a community, which is why joining the Cormier Honors College was so important to me.  Living in Wheeler, the Honors dorm, is where I truly felt the spirit of the Honors community.  It is how I met my roommate, who I now consider one of my best friends, along with my suitemates who helped me through the difficult transition to college.  I loved living on a hall with fellow classmates because we were all experiencing similar things.  Whether it be our first chi walk, late-night fire drill, or presentation at the student showcase, we created memories together.  At the very least, we knew each other as acquaintances, or someone you could sit next to if you didn’t know anyone in a class.  I am very glad that I got to experience this community during such a transitional time.

In terms of education, I had three classes this year that met in the Wheeler classroom.  Besides the fact that it took me less than two minutes to get to class, it was a great way to make closer connections with people in Honors that I had never met before.  It also connected me with older students who I could go to when I had questions.  I am so thankful for the honors community and everything it has given me.

Lastly, community goes beyond ourselves in the Cormier Honors College.  We pride ourselves on helping those around us, whether that be our fellow Lancers or the Farmville area.  Many honors students are heavily involved in organizations around campus and even play a role in orientation for incoming freshmen.  It is the perfect example of how the pillar is integrated into each student’s life and follows them in all they do.