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Maria Montessori: Religion and Education, 4/23/2020

This presentation is a compilation of the research I did into Maria Montessori for a five-page essay.  The assignment was to choose a topic related to your major that had a connection to religion.  I chose Maria Montessori because of her notoriety in the education field in addition to her contributions to religious education, something most people are unaware of.  There was an abundance of information on the Montessori Method.  However, I found it challenging to find scholarly articles on her contributions to religious study.  It took a lot of keyword strategy to find helpful information.  In addition, I had to include a primary source where the author is explicitly discussing religion.  This was my biggest challenge because most of her religious writings were not open for public use.  I have never experienced that before because most primary sources can be found on the databases.  Since we were in quarantine, I eventually had to email my professor asking for help.  He immediately gave me a primary source that became one of the staple sources I used.  This doesn’t sound unusual, but for me, I have an issue asking for help.  I typically just try to figure it out on my own because I don’t want to bother my professor.  However, this experience taught me that professors want to help and that they are a great resource when backed into a corner.

In the future, I hope to be more willing to ask for help from those around me.  I also would like to find different ways to present information on a topic.  Throughout college, I will have to do hundreds of presentations, so I would like to find innovative ways to make a presentation stand out without going too far.  Lastly, I want to try and use more primary sources in research assignments because they offer strong evidence to support an argument, as well as add variety.