Press Release


The Closet Guru

         For immediate release on March 23,2021

Do you wake up in the morning and dread picking out an outfit for the day?  It can be a struggle if you’re on a time crunch to leave for work.  On the other hand, it can simply be hard for those who do not like making decisions.  Well, there is a unique solution to these outfit hardships!  It is a tool called the Closet Guru; this product will pick out your outfit for you! All you have to do is follow the Guru’s pairings and pick them out of your closet for the day.

This extraordinary app is the complete package, with its unique settings to fit any style! Unique styles have been crafted that mix and match your current style with fresh new takes on your very own wardrobe.The client takes a picture of all their pieces of clothing you would want the app to include in its reel of choices to pick from. When you are taking these pictures, the app is avidly sorting the clothing and accessories into categories.  Following the pictures, the client will answer a questionnaire about their style preferences and outfits they would possibly wear in the future. By doing this, it makes it, so the Guru is getting to know the client better and is making an algorithm specific to the client. 

After using the trial, one client said,“This app helps me get ready efficiently in the morning.  I can get ready and be out the door in a flash!”

This product is a must have for all ages and genders! Not only will it keep you up to date on the latest technology, but it will save you time and assist those who struggle with fashion, to dress themselves in the morning. With as simple as a click of a button, this closet will generate an outfit for you that’s perfect for the weather and occasion. This product comes with a warranty, free of cost, and we are available for repairs all day, Monday through Saturday. Amy from Florida says this product is “efficient, fool-proof, and a necessity for anyone and everyone. It completely changed [her] life.” Give this product a chance with our 30-day trial period, and see how it changes your life. 

            Call today, or check out our website,, to order your first closet and receive a 20% discount. This offer is only available April 1, 2021- June 1, 2021 and we anticipate complete sell-out within the first month. Our website is easy to use for people of all technology backgrounds and experience, and our customer service department is staffed with friendly experts on our product. We hope to add your name to the list of happy customers soon!

For more information please contact The Closet Guru help desk or call 703-524-4155 for assistance



In addition to the Brochure, my partner and I worked collaboratively to make a press release in correspondence to that document. Each presented the information in a different light, and this work displayed the brand with short and meaningful details pertaining to the product. When creating the work, the audience was a key factor in the back of my head. While compiling the testimonials and compelling words I had the audience in mind because I was thinking what would draw me in as a potential client with any business or new product.

The testimonials acted as the pathos of the press release, the logos was the information about the app, and the ethos came through as the voices of our brand. The goal at the bottom of the release was to have some sort of deal or coupon to real customers in because who would not love a great deal? Overall, in the document there is persuasive language used to attract customers and relates the audience to a group as a whole. Everyone has to pick what clothes to wear everyday, so why not have something do it for you.