This is the first page of the Brochure.
This is Page 2 of the Brochure.

The brochure consisted of a mission statement, how the app works, objections, testimonials, contact information, and a deal to real customers in. My partner, Ms. Fojtik, and I came up with an app that helps pick out a client’s outfit for them. Diving into the realm of making a brochure as a company that is building their brand was interesting. We used techniques such as the 8 C’s and the five elements of rhetoric. Posing as a company start-up encouraged and pushed me to learn how to present information in an appealing and collective way. It also furthered my experiences writing in a professional tone and taught me how to create this form of document design in this format.

There were some struggles with finding a way to break down all that my partner and I had t say to fit within the brochure’s space. We overcame those challenges and ended up having to cut our work down to keep the better suiting work. Making the brochure look attractive and appealing to the eye posed no struggles as I enjoy the creative side of work. In conclusion, the brochure will assist my future endeavors with teaching. If I ever need to present a new assistive technology for the Special Education department having the knowledge to create a work like this will come in handy.