Collecting all of my work in a repertoire within my portfolio has encouraged me to reflect on what this course has taught me.  Beginning the semester with the Press Release and Brochure it helped me learn how to implement the eight C’s.   Learning how to be clear, concise, concrete and specific, complete, courteous, coherent, constructive, and correct is tricky as there are many routes to take in writing.  After gaining the knowledge of the eight C’s I really worked to go back and edit my work to make sure it followed their rules.  

This course taught me how to create new document designs that I had never built before, such as the Press Release and Professional Report.  I had never explored that realm of professional writing and I can now say that I could confidently have them in my wheel house of writing skills. As I stated in anther page, having these experiences and documents to look back to will be useful moving forward outside of my college career. I can use these skills in my next career to write proficiently and professionally.