Welcome to my E-Portfolio!

My name is Molly Desque, and I am a proud alumna of Longwood University!

Growing up, I lived in King George Virginia with my parents and two older brothers.  I attended King George County Public schools starting at age six, and graduated from King George High School in the Spring of 2018.  In high school, I was very dedicated to my studies and I was very involved in both my school and community.  Knowing how dedicated Longwood University is to its students, I knew it would be a great fit for me.

After just one year, my expectations had been exceeded and I knew  that I had made the right choice for school.  During my freshman year I had made many new friends and acquaintances who have already made a great impact on my life.  For example, my best friend Payten Bovat, had shown that hard work and dedication pays off, through her dedication to Elle Woods Cabinet and student government.  In addition, I met new people through Catholic Campus Ministries and Club Soccer. 

During my three years at Longwood I was very blessed to have such diverse experiences. I engaged in honors classes, became a bible study leader, was the President of Women’s Club Soccer, worked on an independent research project, and got to take a class with people form around the world! 

 I feel so lucky to have learned from some amazing professors, especially those from the math department.  I always felt supported and cared, and now I know that I am prepared for the next chapter, and begin to learn from my students.