The journey to firenze

My study aboard journey began on May 15th, 2019. I left Dulles airport first in the morning to catch a plane to JFK. When I got to JFK, I went to baggage claim for my bags; then I went to find my group flight mates. I waited in line for Swiss airlines to check-in for a long time I was so tired, but eventually, I got to check in and head off to wait for my flight to Switzerland. The trip to Switzerland took a couple more hours since I had to go through customs. I finally got on my plane for Swiss airlines, and it took me to Switzerland, which took a day; I made some more friends on the flight. Then I finally arrived in Switzerland. It was May 16th. But my journey was not over we got off the plane in Switzerland went through customs again and then waited around to find out where our gate was for our flight, and we waited until 10:38 Europe time. Then we found our gate under the name Firenze, then we went to our gate and waited until it was time to board. We got on our plane to Florence, Italy and landed. we got to a beautiful city in one hour and the journey had just begun.

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