Portovenere and la Spezia

My trip to Portovenere and La Spezia this past weekend was incredible and was very fun my sister and her Vcu class. We got on the bus in the morning it took a couple of hours to get there in the meantime my sister and her friends were looking for a place for us to stay in she found a houseboat for our stay in so we did but will get into the that later. So when got off the bus we got another bus to the city of Portovenere which was beautiful it had castles, and it had a rocky beach and water cave that we could swim in, and that was very fun.  I got to see a fantastic castle, and I took amazing photos of the water cave, and the castles that were there the city is so unique and nothing I have ever seen before. When we were finished swimming, we got a fantastic dinner with pesto sauces on it. Then it was time for robins class to go back to Florence while the robin, Sean, Annie and I went to our houseboat in the upper area of Portovenere we had a great the staying on the houseboat and we had incredible food too.  In the morning, we went to La Spezia to have a day to walk around and then we bought some food, and we had a picnic in one of the parks in La Spezia. Then we waited for the time to go the train to go back to Florence, we got the train station and headed back the Florence.








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