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Dear Reader,

I am near the end of my time with Longwood University,  with a completed liberal arts degree including a minor in English. Also, I have accumulated all passing scores for the VCLA, RVE, Praxis 1, Praxis 2, and I have already accumulated professional development points. I have prior experience in childcare, tutoring, background in library resources, and have studied elementary education at Longwood University. I am an energetic individual who is very flexible towards the academic needs of the student.

I have had experience working with children of all ages and from different perspectives of learning. During my time in childcare, I worked with children from 6months to 4 years old, where I assisted in the development of important motor skills. I also have experience working with grades K to 5th grade from previous studies, substitute teaching, and by tutoring. From my previous studies, I learned about the importance of educational technique. Whereas from substitute teaching I learn about classroom management skills. Lastly, for tutoring, I was given experience through the power of a small group.

Parents, students, and co-workers have described me as a very enthusiastic individual. No matter what I try to leave things on a positive note and try to project my enthusiastic energy to the students. I am very excited about being part of this profession and it shows, I always have a smile on my face. I am also very flexible towards the needs of my students. For example, I had a particular student that struggled with fluency while reading. I had to come up with something different to address her needs. I came up with the idea for her to draw out her natural pauses by drawing dips within each sentence. This gave her a more kinesthetic learning approach than just visual or auditory learning, and this is what worked for her.

I believe that combined with my experience as well as my enthusiasm, and my teaching flexibility will allow me to be successful in an educational environment. Enclosed is my resume for your review.


Virginia Colvin

Attached is my resume for view

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