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Courses I have taken at Longwood University:

EDUC 260 Introduction to Teaching as a Profession
ENGL 380 Children’s Literature
EDUC 245 Human Growth and Development
KINS 389 Health & PE Elem Classroom Teacher
SPED 389 Survey of Exceptional Children
EDUC 310 Foundations of Literacy Instruction
EDUC 361 Practicum Integration
EDUC 380 Classroom Assessment
ENGL 483 Writing: Elementary Classroom
Math  313 Geometry and Reasoning
EDUC 423 Elementary Literacy Methods
EDUC 433 Elementary Math Science & Social Studies Method
EDUC 461 Practicum Application
EDUC 461 Practicum Application
ENGL 382 Grammar: Theory and Practice
ENGL 400 Advanced Writing Seminar
ENGL 209 Introduction to Literary Analysis
ENGL 326 British Literature: Restoration to Romanticism
ENGL 327 British Literature: Victorian to Contemporary
LSTU 300 Interdisciplinary Studies

During my Education coursework, I learned different teaching methods, strategies, and classroom management skills. However, I also found a new love of literature and English within my studies and is why I have picked up a minor in English.  My English courses have given me an in depth understanding of the discipline of literature. By graduation, I will have nearly perfected these new skills that will help me better and enrich my future student’s education.

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