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First Post: Why are teachers “burningout”?

Teaching is a very demanding profession, the teachers that are labeled as “good” teachers make the profession, look easy. However there is another label that is common among teachers and that is the term, “burnout”.  The word “burnout” is described as an exhaustion of physical strength or mental capability, that is commonly the result of prolonged stress.  Teachers are underpaid, that’s well known in our society, but there are many other factors that may cause a teacher to become labeled as “burned out”.  

The first factor that may cause a teacher to become “burned out” is the number of hours put into their work. Many statistics show that teacher work on average, 53 hours a week. Adding to that factor is the average teacher workload that is characterized as bottomless. All this while trying to be flexible to your student’s individual needs. Which would understandably cause frustration.

Then there are factors from outside of the classroom such as support from administration and availability of resources. When it comes to administration teachers share that there is commonly a lack of leadership, communication, and partiality. Even in some of the best schools, the issue of excessive resources rises.  The resources are either not sufficient enough or there is a lack of needed quantity.

How can we better our teachers, who better our society?

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