Post #3


  • Medium of Delivery:

The form of rhetoric is presented in a video that explores the day-to-day aspects of numerous employees for National Hospital Week. Particularly, this video focuses on appealing to its audience by including multiple, diverse speakers that work in different departments of the hospital.

  • Ethos: Appeals to Organizational Credibility

In this video, VCU Health focuses on the variability in everyday tasks for those working within the system. Each individual speaker describes their successful work ethic, why they work, their individual passions, and overall describe why they are they are so efficient and involved in what they do. Additionally, this video portrays a sense of communication among their organization’s community, which creates for a more welcoming atmosphere.

  • Pathos: Appeals to Emotions

VCU’s video portrays the active communication needed among every worker within the hospital to be efficient in proper care for each patient. With each worker that speaks in the video, the audience receives a sense of comfort with the reassurance of the worker’s duties being spoken. Additionally, multiple speakers in the video provide listeners with reasons for why they do what they do, their passions for the job, and overall, how important successful and efficient work is to them. That being said, the video closes out with numerous individuals stating what their “superpower” is within the health system.

  • Logos: Use of Claims and Evidence

Lastly, this video uses pictures drawn by young patients, real patients speaking, and even different departments heads giving testimonies to prove their triumph and great work.