Post #8

Rhetorical Situation:

  • Exigencies: There are numerous opportunities that can be noted for Grass Rootes. Having a fresh, organic cuisine along with a relaxed and casual atmosphere sets this organization apart from other restaurants in the town of Culpeper. However, some of their imperfections lie within the organizations social media sites, where the menu is undermined and irrelevant information is posted. Some other challenges that this business might face include disapproval from certain individuals who do not support their pricier menu or even their push for a bar and cocktail scene.
  • Audience: Grass Rootes seems to really target younger populations, from the ages of 21 to 50 when inspecting their Facebook page. The organization itself really pushes their bar and cocktails while refraining from stating their high prices, stating things such as “casual dining, live music, great cocktails.”
  • Constraints and Assets: With negative reviews posted on social media and pre-existing beliefs and values about the organization and associated with its owner, this certainly makes it more difficult for the restaurant to publicize their authenticity and professionalism. Additionally, it would be beneficial if Grass Rootes publicized their services and overall, reach out to the community within their postings and add clarification to those services.


  • This prompt doesn’t apply to Grass Rootes because this organization doesn’t necessarily speak of a particular issue. While I could branch off to say that they could discuss America’s unhealthy diet and cancerous foods that are consumed, they are a restaurant and are not/do not show qualification or interest in discussing these burdens.
  • Grass Rootes rhetoric does not portray any kind of communication with their audience. However, the audience can and has provided feedback in the form of reviews on their Facebook webpage. Unfortunately, there are responses given to positive reviews and no response for negative reviews. By portraying a lack of respect and concern for customers that have had a bad experience at the restaurant, a poor image is being molded.
  • This organization really does not speak of any issues (such as the bad reviews they’ve acquired) on either their website or Facebook page. Potentially, Grass Rootes could respond and attempt to explain the poor reviews they have received, further explain their expensive prices which are associated with the label “casual dining,” etcetera.
  • The organization as a whole does seem to “de-emphasize” some issues that might be associated with their restaurant by not regarding some problems that might impact business in their rhetoric on both their website and Facebook page. I wouldn’t necessarily say that Grass Rootes is attempting to “conceal” any issues because I don’t believe they suspect there are any issues that need to be addressed.