Post #2

I will be analyzing VCU Health. I am choosing this organization because the audience for this group is so large and covers such a wide array of individuals. That being said, the audience for VCU Health’s rhetoric varies from patients with a range of conditions, disorders, and diseases to the doctors that treat these individuals. Additionally, the audience includes volunteers, potential employees, and even those simply interested in the ongoing research and studies that VCU Health provides.

By understanding this organization’s rhetoric, there would overall be a better sense of this health system’s successes, clinical findings, and even allow for a more informed and educated outlook in regards to health systems across the state and even country. Currently, VCU Health’s messages largely focus around current research, educational articles and tools, and even future plans for the organization. In looking at the context of VCU Health’s rhetoric, it can be interpreted that VCU Health strives to remain one of the leading hospitals in the state. In such a diverse community, this organization also aims to provide reliable, up-to-date, research-based information for patients and readers.