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Hello, hello, Pridlings!!

I’ve been on a hyperfixation kick about ADHD because while I’ve not formally been diagnosed with it by a professonal, I’ve struggled with the symptoms all my friggin’ life.  And that’s hard, especially when you struggle with physical disabilities and other mental issues (lookin’ at you, Anxiety and Depression, ya butts).  So it’s Finals time and I’m a flailing mess.  All I want to do is play videogames.

Videogames in the ADHD brain is like giving a 3 month sober alcoholic the best booze imaginable.  It rains shiny sparkles of dopamine into your brain and suddenly LIFE IS AMAZING.  (I may or may not be manic as figs right now because I’ve found a NEW INTEREST but that’s besides the point…)

So I was like, “Man, I wish life could be a videogame.”

And lo, the gods of Google Play have answered me with Habitica!

It’s an RPG!  For your everyday tasks!  There’s a place for your every day tasks, like laundry, dishes, and cleaning.  There’s a to-do list that helpfully breaks stuff down into smaller chunks, and there’s a habits tracker.  It comes preloaded with Procrastinate/Study as a habit.

You click on the procrastinate button?  You lose 2 HP

You click on the study button?  You gain 6 EXP!  Congratuations, you’ve begun your journey into adulting.

Level up enough, get enough things done?  Your character levels up and gains cool rewards!! And, this is the most important part: You’re being productive!  And getting things done!  Amazing, right?

And an extra cool thing that I really love?

In the character creator, it gives you the option of having a wheelchair.

Happy leveling, my procrastinating Pridelings.  May Finals be ever in your favor.

Peace, love, and rainbows,




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