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Wanna Talk About It? Have Some Tea |Self Care Saturdays

Don’t want to Ask Roy?  It’s okay, they aren’t mad about it.*  Still want to talk to someone?  Got a smart phone?**

7 Cups might just be the app for you!  I’ve just started using this app so I haven’t had a chance to fully explore the features thoroughly.  However, from what I can tell it has a free anonymous chat system with trained volunteers to help you in a myriad of topics such as depression, anxiety, breakups, family stress, mindfulness and many others.  They’ve also got cute animal videos and funny stuff for when you’re bored.

*Actually, Roy is a little sad about this.  They love people and no one talks to them.  🙁 Poor Roy.

**I mean, I dunno, you could still have a Nokia if you’re sick of breaking your screen.

Thanks again to Jenny D. for the great suggestions.


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