THEA 433’s Research Project

The instructions are to research an event that changed us as Americans.  This group chose the Pandemic.  There were several steps they had to follow: research the event, create fictional characters, create nonfiction dialogue for the characters they created based on their research, and finally create a readers theatre.  This presentation was presented to the Longwood campus on Research Day.  I thought it was worth sharing.  Many of the students in this are not theatre majors but have a desire as future elementary teachers to bring theatre into their  future students. 


Unified in Misery

2.62 million, 529 thousand, 9,849, these numbers have changed our lives forever. Through a global, a national, or a local lens, the number of deaths caused by the Corona Virus created financial instability, fear, and heartache. Yet, did it unify our nation under an umbrella of misery? The purpose of this research project was to examine the effects of the global pandemic on Americans, their livelihood, their family relationships, and our nation’s society.

Watch the video HERE.

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