Enjoy a little impromptu lip-syncing by the Longwood Theatre Department.

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Our First Ever Virtual Show is Done!

Longwood Theatre’s first ever completely virtual performance, “She Kills Monsters: virtual realms” by Qui Nguyen, is now one for the history books! This was a bold new step for everyone in the department and all the students and faculty took the challenge head on with much success!

Hopefully you got the chance to enjoy this free performance! The actors and crew did a phenomenal job , and while we may nave had a few computer glitches at the “opening”, everything ended up working just fine.

Thank you to all of who watched the performance and for your continued support of Longwood theatre!

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The Freshman Class Monologues!

Please be advised before viewing; some subject matter and language are for those 18 and older.

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Listen to Our Cast *LIVE* on the Radio

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Check out these AWESOME ads!

Longwood theatre’s production of “She Kills Monsters: virtual realms” by Qui Nguyen will be available to watch in just TWO WEEKS!

So the students in the show made some really cool teaser ads to temp you.

Check ’em out on our Longwood Theatre YouTube channel here.

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Longwood’s New APO members!

  • Congratulations to the new Alpha Psi Omega members! We are so happy that you are officially apart of the theatre brotherhood!
    To learn more about APO, check their Instagram page here.
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Let’s Take a Look at Lighting!

Today we chat with Ethan Miller;            co-lighting designer for our upcoming show “She Kills Monsters; Virtual Realms” by Qui Nguyen.

Q- Tell us a little about yourself?

A-I’m a third year BA theatre student and study lighting.

Q- This show is unlike a normal performance. What were some of the difficulties?

A- Working with the webcams the actors had and how light shows up on their end when we see the show.

Q- Not being able to go to the actors location, how was getting the lighting handled?

A- The actors were given a kit. In this kit were three little flexible lamps with colored filters. The we helped them set them up by a live Zoom meeting where we gave them directions.

Q- What made you interested in lighting?

A- The story telling element that lighting brings to a show and the use of lighting as an atmospheric effect. Also, lights are cool!

Q- What are you plans after you graduate?

A- I how to work for a theatre company starting as an electrician and working my way up to design.

Q- What do you hope people take away after viewing this performance?

A- That theatre is still living. It’s still alive!

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Meet Meg, a Performer in Our Upcoming Show

Today we present a blog interview with a Longwood Theatre freshman Meg Daniel. “She Kills Monsters: Virtual Realms” by Qui Nguyen is her first Longwood show.

Q-Tell us a little about yourself?

A-I’m a huge Harry Potter fan. In high school I did two shows but this is my first big role. I went to Appomattox Regional Governor’s School, but grew up in Chesterfield. I have worked with Chris Klinger and now get to work with his wife Professor Lacy Klinger, the director.

Q- What got you interested in theatre?

A- My fourth grade teacher told be about a director friend and I said “I want to be in a movie.”. She then told me about a production of Annie, I got a part and played an orphan. I’ve been hooked ever since!

Q- How is this production different for others you’ve done?

A-The experience itself. The cast, Professor Klinger, working with Matt Howard. We wasted so much time in high school during rehearsals and I’ve had a great time. If I have a bad day, I go to rehearsal and I feel SO much better. It makes me happy. One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as an actor. I love it a lot.

Q-Why did you choose Longwood?

A- Honestly because of Dr. Scarrow. I didn’t want to come here at first, but then I came for new Lancer Days and met Dr. Scarrow with my parents. Once I left that day it hit me, this is where I need to go. My Dad said the same thing.

Q- What’s the one thing you hope people who see the show take away from the performance?

A- I want everyone to take away the fun. We’re not going through easy time right now and even though there’s sad things in the show I want them to laugh and enjoy it. Cause we need that. Let’s have some fun!

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Dr. Scarrow and her Freshman Theatre Class

The freshman theatre class has a seminar with Dr. Ronda Scarrow. In this session they are performing monologues, which they have been practicing, in front of a camera for the first time in order to see themselves and learn about movement and pacing.


The class listening to a student perform.           The camera is also projected on a big screen.

In a couple of weeks from now, you’ll be able to watch these freshman theatre students perform their completed monologues on our YouTube channel. You can find the link in the menu above.

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Let’s Check in with the Wardrobe Folks……

Looks like students hard at work. I wonder what they’re making…..

Quirky hats! How demure!

It’s not all fun and games though, here is some more of the student’s handiwork.

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