Inaugural Issue of The Omnipedia Review

Read student submissions from the inaugural issue of The Omnipedia Review, Volume 1, Issue 1, which includes the following submissions:

Madison Arlett, “The Complications and Perseverance of LGBTQ+ Theatre”

Kaitlin Crow, “Comparing Earthquakes to Sex: A Poetic Exploration of the Female Body, Sexuality, and Power”

Cecilie Elliiot and Kaitlyn McCleese, “An Essay Comparing and Contrasting Different Medical Issue on Opposite Ends of the Spectrum of Health Care”

Ibrahim Kante, “History of Centralization and Kingship in Sub-Saharan-Africa”

Kaitlyn McCleese, “The Effects of Culture on Sleep Paralysis Experiences”

Dallas Phelps, “Developing Visual Supports for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities who are Non-Verbal to Enhance Communication in the Home, School, & Community”