Community Pillar

In my first year of college I was very involved with my community. During the first semester I put myself out there and became the Social Chair of the HSA (Honors Student Association) and treasurer of the Rock Climbing Club, I joined the Longwood Stampede pep band, I was nominated to be an Oktoberfest Klown where I performed a fun dance and dressed up with the other klowns, became an active member of the SNA (Student Nursing Association), and became a proud member of the Outdoors Club. As you can see my first semester was jam packed and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Although I was incredibly busy, I enjoyed every single second of it!

Being the Social Chair of the HSA was stressful but fun for me. I have never been one who enjoyed planning things but I knew it would be an important skill to have to be a functioning adult so I put myself out there to improve on that skill. That position was stressful because I had to coordinate with other people when and how I want an event to be run. What I found interesting and funny about myself was that the physical act of setting up, preparing for, and cleaning upĀ  before and after an event was what I found to be easy and fun. The act of planning WHEN the event would be and coordinating with other individuals what I needed and how it would be carried out was what I found to be stressful.

I have always enjoyed playing music, even from a young age, so I was ecstatic to find out that the college of my dreams had a pep band. I joined the second I saw the opportunity to join! Being in the pep band has been a lot of fun. It reminds me a lot of when I was in the marching band at my high school. Band is one of the best environments someone can put themselves in because it is an environment full of determination, love, support, and it feels like a family. What I love most about the pep band is that we have so many chances to play. There are so many basketball games to play for that the band is sometimes divided into two bands so that we can cover all the games in a certain week. That means all of the players have the chance to play multiple times a week! The pep band is one of my favorite parts of being a Longwood Lancer because I get to meet a lot of interesting people, create awesome music, see the amazing basketball games, and eat pizza afterwards.

Oktoberfest is one of the largest celebrated events here at Longwood where the day is spent visiting many different booths to purchase small items, hanging out, and having fun on inflatables. One of the “secret societies” at this event is called “Oktoberfest Klown” where a select few are chosen to exhibit the spirit of Longwood and motivate others to have a great time. It is uncommon for a freshman to be chosen because mainly upperclassmen are selected but I was chosen because of my big personality and fun-loving nature. I accepted within a heartbeat and just like that, I was a klown for Oktoberfest. One of the duties to be a klown was that I needed to attend the rehearsals for our big klown dance. I was going to attend these rehearsals anyways but I have no dancing capabilities in my body so I MADE SURE I was there to get as much practice as possible. It was in these rehearsals that I met some amazing, fun loving people. We had rehearsals many times until the big day. We decided to dress up in each of our class colors and knowing myself and my huge personality, I had to go all out. I went to walmart with some friends the next day and found the “greenest” costume I could find and bought some green hair dye to go along with it. With my green hair and my green costume, I was ready to be the best (and only) freshman Oktoberfest Klown ever. I guess my performance during Oktoberfest was great because a few weeks later on the Longwood Instagram account, I was the first freshmen to receive a “Freshman Friday” shout out!