Scholarship Pillar

I am honored and blessed to be a member of the Comier Honors College (CHC). To be accepted, I worked very hard on my academics and my community involvement. Just because I was accepted into the CHC does not mean I can slack off and let all of my hard work go down the drain. The scholarship pillar of the Cormier Honors College is something I both expected and really appreciate. Longwood University promotes the pursuit of higher education for all students but those who are members of the CHC have  top priority. The CHC supports this with their motto: “It’s not harder work, it’s different work.” As a member of the CHC, I can stand by this motto. My learning experience and learning opportunities have been different from from those available from non-members of CHC.

Something that I was nervous about in college was that my classes would simply be me sitting in lectures and taking notes. Luckily, the honor courses I have taken thus far have all provided me with hands-on, discussion based learning. This has truly helped me succeed in my classes because they have all pushed me to view all of the discussion material through different viewpoints or “lenses.”

Another great perk of being in the Cormier Honors College is that students also have opportunities to learn outside the classroom. One of these opportunities that are available to us is the annual leadership retreat in the beginning of the semester. It is here the newly inducted students learn how to use effective communication, how to bond with a team, and how to lead using their specific strengths.