Letter to my Senior Self

Older Nikki,

Hello. So at this point, I have just finished my freshman year. Congrats on a year well done. Remember when we went the SUMS conference with Drs. Wears, Shoenthal, and Poplin and Sabrina, Heather, and Deborah; that was a great day. Did you keep up with the clubs for the rest of the years? Do you still randomly stop into professors’ offices to talk?

I’m hoping you’re in grad school, or did you decide to go teach or did you decide teaching just isn’t for you? I hope you stuck with the double major, or did you drop the concentration in education? Either way I’m sure you are doing well in whatever it is you’re doing.

So, four years from the day I am writing this. I’m hoping that I am in graduate school for math, or even physics. I bet that was a hard decision, old me. Actually, I doubt it was; I know that, while we love physics, we adore math. How are you doing in the later math classes? So far, we’ve been doing pretty well, but there are still a few left (about seven required ones, in fact).¬†I wonder what grad school you decided to go to; I have only just begun to look at them. Did you end up doing research with either math or physics professors?

I’m assuming that our siblings are all graduated, Katie from grad school and Dan from undergrad. I bet sitting through¬†both their graduations were annoying. I just sat through Joey’s grad school graduation this year and am not look forward to the other two. Make sure you stop by and see them some more, even though they and you will inevitably get into a bunch of fights.

I hope you remember all the fun you had this year. I know it was a great year. There is no need to be nervous for moving on, you will do as well as you have now. Also remember that most things have a solution, it might just be a complex one (and yes the pun is intended). Make sure you keep in touch with everyone and have a great rest of your/my life.


Younger Nikki

P.S. Remember in complex, how there was so much Cauchy stuff? Did you ever find out if he did all that and actually worked with Riemann and Goursat or did they just use his formulas, vise versa?

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