Foundation of Western Civilization

In the fall of 2015, I took Honors Foundation of Western Civilization with Dr. Isaac. I took this to satisfy the general education¬†Goal 7. There is a sample of my work on under the general education tab with a serious description of the class, but for this page I wanted to share some of the most memorable highlights of the class. One of the days in class we were discussing Greek hoplites. While explaining what they were, Dr. Isaac scanned the room and finally paused on me, deciding we were close enough in height for the demonstration to work. We proceeded to mime being a hoplite in by having our imaginary spear and shields, which I had to keep up unless I wanted to be scolded.¬†Dr. Isaac used me to explain the different ways the hoplite’s formation protected the soldiers. I know one thing from that class, I will never forget what a hoplite is. Another great thing about the class was that Dr. Isaac was willing to talk to me at the end of class and in his office to explain anything I did not understand or wanted more information on. At one point during the semester, we were going over the family trees of the kings of France and England. It was a really funny time because the families were so complicated and had many people named the same thing, so the whole class would start laughing when we got introduced to a new person and it was the fourth time that name was used. Overall, I really enjoyed the class and had a great time making new friends within the class.

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