I am a Communication Studies major with a concentration in Digital Media. I also have a minor in Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing. Below are experiences from my courses that I have taken that could relate to my hopeful future career.

Advanced Media Writing

  • Wrote news, feature, and investigative longform articles under a strict and short deadline.
  • Experienced simulated press conferences.
  • Wrote TV news scripts that summarize stories to a limited length.

Contemporary Practices in Communications

  • Learned about tips for professional life; such as,
    • Proper attire for business
    • Practice interviews
    • Resume writing

Introduction to Computer Science

  • Learned skills in Microsoft Excel and other Microsoft Office software
  • Learned the basic functions of a computer and how one operates

Introduction to Residential Learning

  • Learned about different mental and health disorders people may live with
  • Learned about different types of personalities and how they may act in a living/work place
  • Planned a successful haunted house program for a residence community of 400 people

Persuasion Theory

  • Studied the art of what makes one persuasive in arguments
  • Studied sociological messages about why people want certain things
  • Learned about what types of message emotions are persuasive for different things

Public Speaking

  • Learned how to write speeches for different lengths of time.
  • Wrote speeches on different topics such as campaigns for controversial topics.