Letter to Senior Self

To my senior self —

You made it.

Congratulations on surviving three more years of what I just finished. I know it can’t have been easy, but the fact that you made it through in one piece is enough to be proud of.

How did your senior project go? I know that whatever you chose to create, you will have put 110% effort into, and I can tell you, because of that, that I’m immensely proud of you.

Whether you made President’s List every semester from where I stand onwards, or whether you focused on the quality of your projects instead of grades, I can also say that I’m proud. (Although I hope that you did continue to keep making Dean’s List — and I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.)

I hope your life is as fulfilling as I dream it will be. A steady job that you love, personal projects completed, an apartment of your own — if you have any of those things, you should feel accomplished.

You’re probably exhausted. I know I was after the end of my freshman year. Take a break; you deserve it. Sit back and look at everything you’ve achieved, and everything you can achieve from here on out, now that you’ve grown.

I grew so much in one year; I can’t even imagine how much you’ll have grown in three more. All I can ask is that you take a moment to try to remember being me, and compare it to where you are now.

Once again, congratulations. You made it. Now go live your life, and accomplish all that I know you can.

Let’s go.

— M(e)