What is community in the Cormier Honors College?

Community is what makes the Cormier Honors College feel like a home.

It’s the neighborliness you see in Wheeler Hall, the honors dorm, my dorm, where hallmates are always willing to lend a hand whenever you need one.

It’s the smiles and waves exchanged between honors students who pass each other on campus, because everyone knows everyone, no matter what year or major.

It’s the adventurous spirit you see on honors group trips, where the buses are filled with conversation and laughter on the way to, or back home from, the latest extracurricular expedition.

It’s the automatic friendship between you and another honors student in a new and unfamiliar class, even if you’ve never spoken, because you know you can count on one another.

It’s everyone spreading the news when an honors teacher has a baby and wanting to congratulate the new parents.

It’s the upperclassmen checking in with the freshmen to make sure they know how to register for classes and offering them encouragement and study tips for finals.

Community is a feeling that brings the honors students together. Community is what turns the honors college into the honors family.


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